About Us

Beauty is not just a cute face, it's a light in the heart and vivid reflection of the soul. It really is about taking care of yourself and looking best in your own unique way. My advise is to take care of yourself from the outside in, and express yourself from the inside out. 

We are a craft beauty store. My passion is to bring you the best skincare and beauty products that are Clean, Simple and Healthy. 

I do not believe in using harsh chemicals that deplete the skin or can create dependencies. I believe in promoting healthy, hydrated, clear skin with natural and safe ingredients that empower the skin to rejuvenate on its own. By formulating all our products with this philosophy in mind, I promise that every single one of our products will only nourish our skin, but not exhaust or sensitize it.     


-xoxo- Rose / Owner

*ZOOX is a beauty lifestyle brand wholly owned by Modern Merchandiser LLC.