Top 5 easy-to-make yet fashionable hairstyles to try

Posted by Rosalina Low on

We won’t blame you if you can’t stop wondering about all the hairstyles that you can wear using our hair claw clips. Lucky for you, our hair claw clips can be incorporated for a number of unique and trendy hairstyles.

Below are 5 easy-to-make yet fashionable hairstyles to try.

1. The French Twist

Claw clips are great when it comes to holding your French twist firmly and in style. It is especially for those women who are fed up of neat French twists and want their twist to appear a bit messier. Your claw clip won’t disappoint you both in terms of firmness and complement. Just let it run the show for you! 

2. Half-Up Hairdo
If the case is opposite and you are more into a neat and put-together hairdo, we got your back. All you need to do is make your favorite half updo and grab our hair claw clip and put it up. You can also double up the hairdo no matter how messy hair you got to get a cute hairstyle. Nice!
3. Messy Low Bun
A hair bun tied with a claw clip, awww even the description of it sounds incredible. Stop just kind of sort of tying your messy bun together without using a proper clip. The next time you go for this look, attach our claw clip at the side. You have just up your game by a big notch. You're welcome! 
4. Messy Updo

A messy updo put on a display of the artistic side of your personality by creating a tousled and, well, a messy updo. Pay attention on the texture to bring about something really out of the box and our claw clip of your choice shines. Viola!

5. Double Claw

The only thing better than a claw clip is... Yes, two claw clips. You can create a brand-new look by parting your hair into two halves, brush them both to the back and secure them by a claw clip on both sides. This is a festive and adventurous look. Have fun with it!   

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